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Specialty Breads

MondayNorwegian Farm Bread, $6.95
TuesdayMarbled Rye, $6.95
WednesdayBlackfoot Bread, $6.95
Old World Italian, $5.00
ThursdayGolden Raisin Pecan, $7.95
FridayCranberry Wild Rice, $7.95
Old World Italian, $5.00
SaturdayRustic Multi-Grain, $6.95

Baked to perfection

There is a simple joy in eating a loaf of bread made fresh daily. There’s the crisp and crackly crust combined with a tender, spring crumb that lets you know you’re eating something substantial. The flavors invade your taste buds as the aroma adds to the experience. Park Avenue Bakery has been passionate about creating artisan breads in Helena, Montana for over 25 years. Using only pure and simple ingredients, we handcraft each loaf into its own unique shape. You can taste the energy and dedication that goes into each loaf.